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Qualifications & Certification: Automotive TS16949, ISO9000, UL, CCC, CSC

Customer-Specific Manufacturing Capability
Need to source parts, components, assembly? We can make them and deliver to your door. Just click the icon to the right to get in touch with us. Our English speaking sales engineers will contact you quickly and work with you to meet your needs.
Our Experience
Over 20 years, we have customer-manufactured parts, compoenents, assembly for customers in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East, East Asia and Southest Asia.
Comprehensive Capability
Our vertically integrated equipment capability and engineering talent pool give our global customer a wide range of sourcing possibilities with little limitation as to meet their needs completely-whatever their product applications maybe.
Cost Competitiveness
Our manufacturing facilities in China have been a leader in the country for automation and lean manufacturing models for controlling cost, inventory, material purchasing as well as cost per part details. Multi-task work force has been the direction we follow.
Quality Standards
We faithfully maintain the quality standards under our certificates. Total customer satifaction
is assured.
Metal Stamping
Alloy Casting
Auto Electric
Plastic & Rubber
Sheet Metal
PCB Assembly
Hot Forging
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Iron Casting